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Mylo-Tek was formed by Andrew Fenton after leaving Halo International Systems Ltd. in 1999. He had been primarily involved with the development of “Goodnews” a specialist computerised system for newsagents and the CTN market, both in multiples and independents.

The Goodnews system and software was initially developed by Martin Halo back in 1983. The purpose developed hardware and software maintained the complex ledger system that Newsagents used throughout the country. It produced delivery round sheets for the paper boys/girls and simple accounting for customer payments and catered for the complex holiday stops/starts etc.

The Halo Goodnews software and hardware was continually developed throughout the 1980’s with the Goodnews software specifications and upgrades provided by Andrew. By 1990 the Halo Goodnews was probably the most reputable product of its kind on the market. Andrew led a team of Field Service Engineers and a Customer Service & Support Centre, primarily focusing on the Halo Goodnews product in the UK, while other divisions of Halo developed products for the European Retail Market.

The late 90’s showed little development of the Halo Goodnews system and with the neglect of this niche market, Andrew decided to sell his shares in Halo International Systems and set up his own business to concentrate fundamentally in supporting computers installed in the CTN market. This included buying the stationery division from Halo International Systems to supply the customer database with stationery and consumables. Mylo-Tek expanded their services to include telephone technical/user support to the Halo Goodnews customer database. This was further developed with on-site maintenance of the Halo Goodnews type systems and the development of their own “Mylo-News” computer system. Simultaneously, Mylo-Tek expanded their core business, naturally progressing into supplying local businesses and home users with personalised computer systems, with the added peace of mind of on-site and telephone support.

With the experience of the 80’s & 90’s, Mylo-Tek was ideally placed to support all the main Microsoft operating systems, DOS, 98, 2000, Millennium and more recently XP & Vista. Mylo-Tek now offers both Home Users and Business Users a full IT Support package, from supplying computer systems, networking, internet, emailing, wireless set-ups to repairs of computers and servicing that usually brings PC’s back to 90% of their original speed/performance.

Mylo-Tek has also expanded its Stationery & Consumables range to not only include printer paper (rounds paper) and audit rolls (till rolls) and printer ribbons, but to include all kinds of Computer spares, including dot matrix printers, the latest flash drives, external back-up drives, DVD Re-writers, thermal printers, cash drawers, keyboards, network hubs, wireless devices, routers etc etc. Having supported computer and EPOS systems for nearly 10 years, Mylo-Tek has a vast array of older computer spares (an Aladdin’s cave!), many of which are used to support the “Halo Goodnews” type systems. Mylo-Tek still offers a comprehensive Maintenance Contract for a large number of the Halo Goodnews systems (many dating back to the early 1990’s and still in operation!) all of which demand support 7 days a week and not far short of 24/7.
(Mylo-Tek also stocks & supplies paper, ribbons and till rolls for other EPOS systems and CTN systems).

Mylo-Tek is proud of its one to one customer support and will happily provide references from any of its specialist markets. For more details on any services offered by Mylo-Tek, please telephone 01625 529 677 or complete the “Contact Us” section on our Web Site (bottom left selection on the Main Menu).